Welcome to EIMA
                   مرحباً بك فى موقع الجمعية المصرية
                            لإدارة الإستثمار- إيما                                           

The Egyptian Investment Management Association - EIMA is a Professional Association established in 2000, to represent Asset & Investment Management companies under the supervisions the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), as well as EIMA is a SRO responsible for establishing and apply standards of conduct for Asset Managers in Egypt, and to help resolve disputes related to the application of these standards.                                  

 What EIMA offers

  • EIMA represents the whole Egyptian based Asset & Investment Management services regardless of ownership.
  • EIMA expeditiously on behalf of its members, encouraging timely co-operation and open debate on any policy or operating issue.


  • The broader objectives of EIMA are to encourage the increase in national savings and in through the regulated financial markets in Egypt.
  • EIMA has no financial interest in any of its members dealings.
  • EIMA represents the whole asst & Investment Management Industry in Egypt.
  • EIMA expeditiously, on behalf of its members encourages timely cooperation and open debate on any policy or operational issue.
  • EIMA varies its approach according to the needs of its members and the tasks or opportunities at hand.
  • EIMA's website is being developed to provide the information needed about Mutual Funds in Egypt.
  • Help accelerate the flow of long term saving into investments and prepare the relevant studies for discussion with the Authorities.
  • Promote the development of an active investment management industry in Egypt by maintaining a constructive dialogue with the legislative and executive branches of government.
  • Help maintain the professional standards of the industry by adopting a self-policing code of Ethics for its members.
  • Organize meetings and seminars in Egypt and abroad to acquaint investors with Egyptian Capital Markets.
  • Cooperate with the responsible authorities to devise appropriate measures of market and funds performance and publish such information.
  • Organize training seminars in the field of investment, securities and fund management.
  • Engage in the publication and pamphlets relevant to the objectives of the Association.